Introduction of TEPU and Taiwan

Taiwan, consisting of 79 islands with a total area of 35,961 square kilometers, locates at the western rim of the Pacific Ocean and faces China across the Formosan Strait. The population of Taiwan is about twenty-one million, including two hundred sixty thousand aborigines. Taiwan used to be called "formosa"”wwhich means " beautiful island”. However, her environment is heavily polluted due to the irrational economic growth in recent years, and her people now live in an unhealthy condition. Under those sad conditions, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU) was founded on the 1st of November 1987, in order to promote the environmental protection and ecological preservation in Taiwan.

TEPU is the leading environmental organization in Taiwan. She has about one thousand members. Her members include university professors, school teachers, medical doctors, homemakers, student, workers, farmers, etc. Besides the headquarters in Taipei, she has ten local chapters stretching all over the country.

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