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Taipei: (02)490-1957 Anti-air pollution Anti-nuclear
Northern Coast: (02)498-6265 Anti-nuclear waste Marine life Protection
Northeast: (02)304-1950 Anti-nuclear power plant 4 .
I-Lan: (039)56-5836 Anti-chemical plant pollution Wetland preservation
Hwa-Lien: (038)22-7435 Anti-cement plant pollution .
Tau-Yan: (03)387-4651 Anti-radiative house/road Water resource protection
Chang-Hua: (04)723-0153 Anti-chemical plant pollution Waste treatment
Yuan-Lin: (060)459225 Anti-chemical plant #6 Forest Preservation
Tainan: Anti-chemical plant #7 Wet land preservation
Kau-hsiung: Anti-chemical plant #5 Water resource protection

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    Anti-Nuclear Anti-Golf Anti Air Pollution Garbage Dumpsite Anti Petro-Chemistry Pollution
    Resource Recycling Water Resource Forest Protection WetLand Preservation Anti Cement Pollution
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